This story is from a funeral director at Allnutt Funeral Service in Fort Collins CO.

A teenage girl died tragically.

Her family was not interested in a typical funeral service as their daughter was not a typical girl.

She was an avid skateboarder and beloved by the entire local skateboard community.

This is a group who prizes individuality and creative expression. They clearly identify with this sport as a way of life, much like the theology among surfers.

The funeral director knew that this family was not interested in anything traditional and was going to hold the service on their own. Knowing the cathartic opportunity for the family and friends, he presented them with the In Loving Memory Box anyway. He then recommended that they hold her service at the skateboard park using the In Loving Memory Box as the focal point.

The service went as follows:

The service was held at twilight. They placed the box on the highest ledge in the park. They propped her skateboard to the left of the box and had the candle burning to the right. They handed each person a writing slate and two sheets of stationery. Everyone sat quietly writing and when they were done, one after another they slowly rode their skateboards forward, stopped, popped their boards, stepped forward and placed the stationery in the box. Unexpectedly, some of them also took off pieces of jewelry they were wearing and put them in the box. People took turns telling the stories they had written. Others came and asked for more paper as this conversation reminded them of more things they wanted to add. When darkness came, everyone lit the flash lights on their phones. It was a glowing, magical scene. They continued to talk and share as darkness fell like a soft blanket around them.

The In Loving Memory Box became the representation of this wonderful teenage girl. It became a vessel for her grieving friends and family. It became a cherished collection to remember her.

Allnutt Funeral Service was THE firm to offer the perfectly appropriate yet unconventional service for this family and community.

That is WHY we all do this. Touch more deeply. Serve more completely. Represent far more uniquely.

Keep being a source of creativity and passion to the families you serve.

Happy Spring-

It’s All In The Box

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