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A mother, Joy Ganda Vibar-Alamares, is sitting at the funeral service for her beloved 7 year old son.

His name was Trebby.

She is sitting in the second row, crying, in a room full of people.

Then… a single helium balloon slowly comes free from the bunch tied to the casket.

For a moment it appears aimless, but then it seems to purposefully float toward her.

It hovers around her face and head.

While some may say that the balloon’s movements are just a coincidental occurance due to a loss of helium, the people who witnessed this think differently.

It is Joy’s belief that this was Trebby’s spirit trying to console his mother  one last time.

In Trebby’s In Loving Memory Box, along with his three favorite matchbox cars, 34 photos, invitations to birthday parties, report cards, a spiderman action figure and part of a tattered blanket, you should find a deflated but precious white balloon – forever. Click Here

The first service that I had the chance to use the box was a community changing event. I was able to present the box to the family during the arrangement conference and explained how we would implement it in their service. They were excited as they had a service in another state and did not have this kind of service experience there. As we went through the service I got real nervous as to how the 125 or so people would feel about this. As I discussed with the pastor earlier in the week about how it would go he came to me prior to service and wanted to read the script. I said ok lets roll with it…. He did a great job and every person in the room took advantage of the opportunity to write down a memory. At the conclusion of the service this pastor came up to me and said that this was the best memorial service that he had conducted in years… It was not what he said but the action that the people took in participating in this new program. He then followed that with… If anyone ever asks me where to go when they want a memorial service done right I will send them to you as long as you are doing this program… This is what a memorial service should look like…


I have done 5 services so far with the box

Thanks again Kelly, this will change the way we do business for years to come!!

Seeing Stars – Meg Hutchinson  06 Seeing Stars

Submarine Ride– John Mayer  09 Walt Grace’s Submarine Test, January 1967

Story Of My Life – One Direction1-02 Story of My Life

Dark Black – Kristina Train  01 Dark Black

All Good Things – Jackson Browne  10 All Good Things

Fields of Gold – Joshua Davis  01 Fields of Gold (The Voice Performance)

Lovers Eyes – Mumford & Sons  07 Lovers’ Eyes

Yellow Light – Of Monsters and Men  12 Yellow Light

Amazing Grace – Meghan Linsey  01 Amazing Grace (The Voice Performance)

Down To The River To Pray– Deanna Johnson  01 Down To the River To Pray (The Voice Performance) 01 Amazing Grace (The Voice Performance)

See You Again – Wiz Khalifa (Feat. Charlie Puth)   07 See You Again (feat. Charlie Puth)

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This family did an amazing job of customizing their Memory Keeper to represent their Mother.

“We loved working on the box; It tells her story.”

“We are happy to share it, if it helps another family, that is good”

What an inspirational way to start 2014!