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A celebrant service was recently conducted for the tragic loss of a baby boy. The family requested that people attending bring a 1st birthday card to the service. They requested that people write a birthday wish. When people arrived without a card, they had extra cards on hand that they so they could collect birthday wishes from EVERYONE who attended. These were all placed in the decorated Memory Box. What a wonderful idea and amazing remembrance of this baby boy. At The Copa by Betsoft

This family did an amazing job of customizing their Memory Keeper to represent their Mother.

“We loved working on the box; It tells her story.”

“We are happy to share it, if it helps another family, that is good”

What an inspirational way to start 2014!


If we are completely honest, which we always are – many of our best ideas come from the families who have received the In Loving Memory Box.

We share these ideas with our partners. We’ve been asked to repeat this one so many times that we thought we should share it with all of you too.

A while back, a family had their service at Horan & McConaty in Denver, Colorado. A beloved family member had died and they had a Memory Service with The In Loving Memory Box.

When their funeral director followed-up to find out what they had learned when they read through the box, they said that they hadn’t read any of the cards, letters or photos yet.

Though he didn’t want to pry for fear that they just weren’t ready to go through it, he asked if they planned to look through the contents of the box any time soon.

“Oh yes,” the woman said, enthusiastically. “We have the box under the Christmas tree and that is how our family plans to spend Christmas morning”. “Reading through the box”.

Honestly- We never could have thought of anything that good.