Is The In Loving Memory Box just another product to offer our families?


This is a fundamental shift in what you are offering your families.

Currently you help them move through their grief and lay their loved one to rest. We know this is a tall order.

Adding The In Loving Memory Box to what you already do is a way to give them something tangible to hold on to.
A "living" representation of the person they have lost.

The relevance of this shift is why we created an entire program to support The In Loving Memory Box.

This is a substantial Market Differentiator for your funeral home.

It is a "game changer" to quote a prominent funeral consultant.

What is included with The In Loving Memory Box Program?

The Program for The In Loving Memory Box Includes:

  1. Advertising Support Materials (web, digital, print)
  2. Point of Contact Materials
  3. Staff Training,
  4. Service/Pre-Service Scripts
  5. Writing Slates for Memory Services
  6. In Loving Memory Tokens® to help cover the cost and deepen the meaning of "The Box"

And more...See our Products page to view all of our offerings.



How do I order & What does this cost?

Wholesale pricing is based on order quantity and schedule. We will discuss this when we speak with you.

We set up accounts for each of our partners.

Bills are sent once shipments are received.

Clients usually pay by check.

Do I sell The In Loving Memory Box?


This is a gift from you to your families. This is not something that many families would have the strength and foresight to do for themselves at this difficult time.

Once services are complete and time has passed...that is when families feel the true impact of this gift.

In some instances, a family will want additional In Loving Memory Boxes so each family member can keep one. In these cases, you would sell the additional boxes for a predetermined price and copy the contents.

How can we fund this program?

When you boil this down to it's essence- it is advertising in it's most effective form.

You are touching your most qualified target audience (current clients & service attendees) in the deepest possible way.

Leaving a lasting impression with them that they will not only value, they will "talk about".

When you look at the ROI of any advertising, it is an intangible calculation.

But when families begin to come in and ask about your Memory Services, you'll know you've accomplished your goal in your community.

Are there profit generating aspects of this program?


If there is any question as to "who will get the box?"- you can let the family know that they can purchase an additional box and copy the contents. This way each daughter or son can have their own legacy box. Suggested retail is $129.00.

Candle lighting ceremonies are a beautiful service addition. We sell our candles separately so each family member can light their own candle. They will receive one candle with their In Loving Memory Box, but additional candles can be purchased from you. Suggested retail $24.00.

In Loving Memory Tokens added to services cover the cost of "The Box".
Additional token sales generate profits.

Most importantly, when your scores go up on your surveys and once people start coming in or referring you because you offer Memory Services, your ROI will be far more clear than any traditional advertising or PR expenditures.

Can we apply our brand to the box?


We make high-end silver and black foil labels using your logo.

These labels look like they are part of the box itself.

These are applied to the inside of every Memory Keeper.

When the box is opened, this prominently but elegantly brands this gift from your funeral home.

Can we offer this exclusively in our market?

Currently- Yes.

Our program partners are independent funeral operators who are the leaders in their given geographic areas.

When our partners meet a minimum order requirement, we deal only with them in their defined geographic area.

This is the perfect differentiator in an ever increasingly competitive marketplace.

Can Families Customize their Memory Keeper?


It is incredibly cathartic for the family to take the time and care to add embellishments that personalize the Memory Keeper to represent their loved one.

We urge you to recommend this to your families.

Their bond with the Memory Service deepens- the more involved they are.

This idea actually came from a family in New Mexico. They decorated their Memory Keeper when their six month old baby died. Lots of pink glitter and an incredibly grateful family. (see Testimonials page for full story.)

There is a card included inside every In Loving Memory Box that shows how to personalize the Memory Keeper.


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