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This significant path presents a finished uncomplicated advent to educating languages, to be used in pre-service or early event settings. it may be utilized by teams of academics operating with a coach, or as a self-study source. The Trainee's booklet presents all of the initiatives given generally publication yet with no heritage info, bibliographies, notes or strategies. it really is appropriate for these learning on a trainer-led path, the place suggestions is instantly to be had.

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5: COORDINATING DIFFERENT LANGUAGE CATEGORIES Situations Topics Notions and Functions Grammar Vocabulary Getting to know someone Road accidents Making requests Future tense farmer, secretary, etc. ( jobs) 40 Module 8: Teaching listening Unit One: What does real-life listening involve? Task Real-life listening situations Stage 1: Gathering samples Make a list of as many situations as you can think of where people are listening to other people in their own mother tongue. These include, of course, situations where they may be doing other things besides listening – speaking, usually – but the essential point is that they need to be able to understand what is said in order to function satisfactorily in the situation.

Do you wish to change the order? 5: QUESTIONS FOR DISCUSSION ON THE TEACHING OF PRONUNCIATION 1. Does pronunciation need to be deliberately taught? Won’t it just be ‘picked up’? If it does need to be deliberately taught, then should this be in the shape of specific pronunciation exercises, or casually, in the course of other oral activities? 2. What accent of the target language should serve as a model? (For English, for example, should you use British? American? Other? g. e. a mixed British and American accent)?

Listening tasks Expectations. Learners should have in advance some idea about the kind of text they are going to hear. Purpose. Similarly, a listening purpose should be provided by the definition of a pre-set task, which should involve some kind of clear visible or audible response. Ongoing listener response. Finally, the task should usually involve intermittent responses during the listening; learners should be encouraged to respond to the information they are looking for as they hear it, not to wait to the end.

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