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By Erwin Tschirner, Randall Jones

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A Frequency Dictionary of German is a useful software for all beginners of German, supplying a listing of the 4,034 most frequently used phrases within the language. in response to a 4.2 million-word corpus that is calmly divided among spoken, fiction and non-fiction texts, the dictionary presents a close frequency-based checklist plus alphabetical and a part of speech indexes. All entries within the rank frequency checklist characteristic the English similar, a pattern sentence plus a sign of significant sign in version. The dictionary additionally contains twenty-one thematically prepared lists of often used phrases on a number of issues in addition to 11 designated vocabulary lists. A Frequency Dictionary of German goals to allow scholars of all degrees to maximise their learn of German vocabulary in a good and fascinating method.

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Instr. -ya; gen. -_va}:l; loc. -il {beside -au, cf. §39 note); plur. nom. -_vafl. Cf. th

Only striyiil_,, Joe. only striyiim; plur. ace. strifJ beside striyal_,, gen. stri~uim. The word thus tends more to the type discussed in §50, in spite of its monosyllabism. These forms are old monosyllables in -r-, -ii-, before vowels -if-, -uy-, with the endings of the type with consonantal stem (§5i); cf. Gr. At5, nom. plur. Ai-c5 '"lions," V$, gen. sing. V-65 "pig," Lat. siis, gen. su-is (cf. rkt- and tant2-type, §50). The double forms (like dhiy-iiJ_, beside dhiy-a/:l) are to be ascribed to an influence of the de-vi-inflection (§so).

Loc. 59 Singular Dual Plural bastina hastinc hastinab hastina\:1 hastini bastibhyam hastibhyiim hastibhyiim hastinol:t hastino\:1 hastibhil:t hastibhvah hastibh)ra~ hastinam hasti*u The neuters of adjectives in -in- (balin- "mighty") deviate from the masc. in the following cases: sing. n. a. bali, v. bali, balin; dual n. v. a. balini; plur. n. v. a. balini. The feminine of such adjectives ends in -i": balin-i; inflection according to §50. "<, Old Ind. -yan- (: Lat. leg-iOn-), probably still preserved in Ved.

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