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By Mark Davies

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An helpful device for newcomers of Portuguese, this Frequency Dictionary presents an inventory of the 5000 most ordinarily used phrases within the language. according to a twenty-million-word number of Portuguese (taken from either Portuguese and Brazilian sources), along with either written and spoken fabric, this dictionary presents exact details for every of the 5000 entries, together with the English similar, a pattern sentence, and a sign of sign in and dialect variation.

Users can entry the pinnacle 5000 phrases both in the course of the major frequency directory or via an alphabetical index. through the frequency directory there are also thrity thematically-organized ‘boxed’ lists of the head phrases from quite a few key issues equivalent to activities, climate, garments and relations.

An attractive and hugely helpful resource, A Frequency Dictionary of Portuguese will permit scholars of all degrees to get the main out in their learn of Portuguese vocabulary.

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98 | 4754 353 mal av poorly, hardly • o homem é contaminado ao ingerir carne de peixe crua ou mal cozida – People get sick when they eat raw or poorly cooked meat or fish. 98 | 5588 354 militar na military, soldier • na carreira militar ele ascendeu ao posto de brigadeiro – In his military career, he rose to the post of brigadier general. 98 | 5021 355 seis num six • O semestre dura seis meses – The semester lasts six months. 99 | 3776 356 empresa nf company, firm, business • os grandes clientes são empresas multinacionais de origem europeia – The big clients are multinational companies of European origin.

98 | 4060 386 preço nm price • ele cobrava o que bem entendesse, preço alto ou preço baixo – He charged whatever he felt like, be it a high price or a low one. 97 | 5502 387 correr v to run • eles se apavoraram e correram mais depressa pela rampa acima – They became terrified and ran more quickly up the slope. 97 | 5778 388 experiência nf experience • este período será sobretudo para o jovem ganhar a experiência que lhe falta – This period will be, above all, for the young man to gain the experience he lacks.

100 | 6278 235 pedir v to ask for, request • mas ela por nada do mundo lhe pediria qualquer ajuda – But she wouldn’t ask for any help for anything in the world. 99 | 7805 236 cinco num five • a mão dele tinha os cinco dedos – His hand had all five fingers. 100 | 5912 237 escola nf school • Jonas frequentou a escola primária – Jonas attended elementary school. 100 | 6009 +s 238 verdade nf truth • eu queria saber se é verdade o que descobri! – I wanted to know if what I’d discovered is the truth!

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