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By Jeroen Wiedenhof

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A desirable description of an international language, A Grammar of Mandarin combines huge views with illuminating intensity. full of examples from daily conversations, it goals to permit the language communicate for itself. The e-book opens with an outline of the language state of affairs and an intensive account of Mandarin speech sounds. 9 center chapters discover syntactic, morphological and lexical dimensions. a last bankruptcy strains the chinese language personality script from oracle-bone inscriptions to today’s electronic pens.
This paintings will cater to language novices and linguistic experts alike. effortless reference is equipped through greater than 80 tables, figures, appendices, and a word list. the most textual content is enriched by way of sections in finer print, supplying additional research and mirrored image. instance sentences are totally glossed, translated, and defined from diversified angles, with a willing eye for contemporary linguistic switch. This grammar, in brief, unearths a Mandarin language in complete swing.

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Běijīnghuà 北京話 Beijing Mandarin The language of Beijing. Guānhuà 官話 Mandarin A scholarly term for the northern Chinese dialects, distributed from the Amur river in northeastern China to Yúnnán province in the south, with a western ofshoot into Gānsu and Xīnjiāng. Guóyǔ 國語 standard Mandarin Literally meaning ‘national language’, this term has been in use since the early 20th century to designate Beijing Mandarin as a standard language. Today the term is still used in Taiwan and in non-Mandarin areas in China.

The Pinyin transcription combines tone symbols with the vowels a, e, i, o, u and ü. A written syllable may contain more than one vowel, but only one tone symbol. g. g. mǎi ‘buy’, gōur ‘hook’, shéi ‘who’; in syllables with three written vowels, the tone symbol goes with the middle vowel, as in xiǎo ‘small’ and guài ‘blame’. 4 Tone sandhi and neutralization The term SANDHI refers to the way in which speech sounds infuence each other. When a native speaker of English pronounces in between as [ɪm bətwiːn], the labial quality (use of the lips) of the b in between infuences the preceding sound n, which is then pronounced as a labial as well: m.

These meanings do not translate uniformly into Mandarin. In other words, possible translations will include meanings not covered by the original English expression. For instance, English cloud can be translated as Mandarin yúncai, but yúncai also corresponds to English clouds.  7 And pretty may be rendered as piàoliang, but piàoliang is also used in cases where English would use prettier. 3). In China, the term Guānhuà is currently used mainly in linguistic circles. In Mandarin itself, there are a multitude of names for the language in its many varieties and manifestions.

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