A Grammar of Modern Indo-European, Second Edition - download pdf or read online

By Carlos Quiles, Fernando López-Menchero

A Grammar of contemporary Indo-European is an entire reference consultant to a contemporary, revived Indo-European language. It incorporates a accomplished description of Proto-Indo-European grammar and provides an research of the complexities of the prehistoric language and its reconstruction. Written in a clean and obtainable type, this e-book makes a speciality of the genuine styles of use in a latest Europe's Indo-European language. The booklet is definitely prepared and is full of complete, transparent causes of components of...

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This unique treatment of English prepositions is intended to help learners solve an often ticklish problem when navigating between the two languages. Another special section, called Accents, explains how differently Japanese words or phrases are accented from English words or sentences. Furthermore, the Japanese particle ga, which is famous for its trickiness, is explained in a very different way to show better how it differs from the similarly tricky particle wa. Part II includes some words newly created by young people as well as some that have started to be used unconventionally by young people, like the prefix cho and the suffixes ppoi and ru.

In this case, they take the adverbial form followed by ni, as discussed in the above section. Note that some of them may also be followed by to in this context, when they occur before naru. 彼は私たちに親切にしてくれました。 Kare wa watashi tachi ni shinsetsu ni shite kuremashita. He treated us kindly. 彼女はとてもきれいになりました。 Kanojo wa totemo kirei ni narimashita. She became very beautiful. あの事件は公に(or と)なりました。 Ano jiken wa ōyake ni (or to) narimashita. That incident became public. 囚人は自由になりました。 Shūjin wa jiyū ni narimashita.

Toward 32. Under 33. Until 34. With 35. Within 36. Without PREDICATIVE PHRASES QUESTIONS 1. Yes-no questions 2. Content questions 3. Embedded questions REQUESTS VERBS I. CONJUGATION CLASSES 1 Ru-Verbs 2 U-Verbs 3. Irregular Verbs II. VERB FORMS 1. Dictionary form 2 Nai-form 3. Combining form (Pre-masu form) 4 Masu-form 5 Te-form 6 Ta-form 7 Ba-form 8 Tara-form 9. Potential form 10. Passive form 11. Respectful form 12. Command form 13. Volitional form 14. Causative form 15. Causative passive form III.

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