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Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Clearinghouse (U.S.)'s A guide to making energy-smart purchases PDF

By Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Clearinghouse (U.S.)

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1998). One or more peptide sorting signals are recognized by a receptor located at the transitional ER or an early Golgi compartment, which concentrates glutelin into a dense vesicle that has been detected in developing rice endosperm (Krishnan et al. 1986). The 26-kDa globulin has also been observed to form Golgi-associated dense vesicles (Krishnan et al. 1992), suggesting that they are transported to the storage vacuole by a similar if not identical process. Targeting of RNAs to ER Subdomains 29 Fig.

The localization pattern of Vg1 is dependent on intact microtubules and kinesin II (Betley 2004). The involvement of this molecular motor, previously established as functioning in membrane trafficking, provides additional support for a role of the ER in Vg1 transport and localization. Further evidence for the involvement of the ER in Vg1 RNA localization is suggested by the putative role of trans-acting factors that recognize the cis-sequence determinants required for RNA localization. The localization of Vg1 RNA to the vegetal pole requires a 366-nucleotide element located in the 3 untranslated region (3 UTR) which is recognized by several proteins (Mowry and Melton 1992).

In many cases, the location of these multiple cis elements is restricted to the 3 UTR. The presence of one or more cis elements in the coding regions of the rice prolamine and maize 10-kDa δ-zein may confer another function in addition to their role in RNA localization. The yeast Ash1 RNA has four cis elements, three of which are located within the coding region. Chartrand et al. (2002) obtained evidence that these three cis elements are required for transport and localization of Ash1 RNA to the bud tip, and for preventing premature synthesis of the protein during its transport to this location.

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A guide to making energy-smart purchases by Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Clearinghouse (U.S.)

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