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A masterpiece of old perception and clinical accuracy, this is often the definitive paintings on Greek astronomy and the Copernican Revolution. starting with the traditional Egyptians, it levels from the Pythagoreans and Plato to medieval ecu and Islamic cosmologies, concluding with detailed surveys of the works of Copernicus, Brahe, and Kepler.

Formerly titled: background of the Planetary platforms from Thales to Kepler

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The Rauch et al. e. incompressible). The latter option is possible but is not too likely—density fluctuations in the sub-sonic turbulence scale as Mach number squared, with the flow in the forest becoming transonic at scales 100–200 kpc. 15, 5 times higher than the actual observed upper limit. Of course this is not a formal derivation, and factors of several may be lurking here and there, but the estimate serves to demonstrate that the forest is remarkably quiet on scales below a kpc. Brain teaser #5: It is well known in classical hydrodynamics that any flow with Reynolds number in excess of about 1000 becomes turbulent.

Y. Gnedin Fig. 25 Normalized surface density profiles of stars and neutral gas for late-type galaxies (adopted from Kravtsov (2013)) Fig. 26 Rotation curves of several spiral galaxies from Sofue et al. 2 Galactic Disks We now descend into the actual galactic disks. The common lore is that disks are exponential, rotationally supported, and have flat rotation curves. While all these statements are kind of true, they are very far from being exact. Disks come with a variety of density profiles and a variety of rotation curves.

In this case, however, Vc is a function of radius and is not constant, so which one should we use? e. take the largest value of Vc for any radius, commonly referred to as Vmax , as the disk circular velocity. 6 Vvir for c = 30. The MMW98 model is controlled by two main parameters, m d and jd . In principle, they can be arbitrary. However, recently an interesting property of real galaxies has been noticed by Kravtsov (2013): disk sizes (both for stellar disks and gaseous disks) are linearly proportional to the virial radii, with the scatter in the relation entirely consistent with the distribution of λ parameters for halos of a given mass.

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