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A History of Indian Logic (Ancient, Mediaeval and Modern - download pdf or read online

By Vidyabhusana Satis Chandra

The writer has during this paintings in actual fact marked the primary levels of Indian good judgment within the monstrous interval of approximately thousand years starting from 640 and has traced how from Anviksiki the technology of dialogue Indian common sense built into the technology of data Pramanasastra after which into the technological know-how of dialectics Prakarana of Tarkasastra.

The remedy of the topic is either ancient and important. the writer has traced a few Greek effect on indian common sense. for example he has proven how the 5 membered syllogism of Aristotle came upon its manner via Alexandria Syria and different nations into Taxila and bought amalgamated with the Nyaya doctrine of inference.

The ebook is likely one of the pioneer works at the topics. It has drawn on unique assets exhaustively. along with the preface creation, foreword and desk of contents the paintings includes a number of appendices and indexes.

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10, 14; and x. 16, 2, O. Atharva veda sathhita xviIi. 2, 27. 1so Muir's Sanskrit Texts, Vol. if, pp. 300-335. patha. a. vi. 2. 2, 27; x. 6, 3, 1; xi. 7, 2, 23. Vide Muir's Sao,f:1krit Texts. Vol. V, pp. 300-335. l According to them all persons are after death reborn into another world where they enjoy pleasures or suffer pains according to their good or evil deeds. " Kathopa- of the soul called atrnan. The soul is desnlsad. cribed as being distinct from the body. It is not born, it doeR not die) it sprang from nothing and nothing sprang from it.

His theory of reasoning has reached us in a crude form through the Caraka-samhita, and in a developed form through the Nyaya-sutra, while we may gather some idea of his theory of soul through the Sttme sources as well as through the Mahabharata and the PaU Brahmajala-sutta. Bhasa 1 speaks of Medhatithi's "Nyaya-sastra" The term Nyiiya was prevalent in the day of Bhasa, Medhatithl'S work on and by "Nyaya sastra" he really m, eant Anvikslki. iki. In the Santiparva of the· Mahabharata,£ there is mention of a Medhatithi who, along with certain other sages, revealed to the world the Upani~ad-doctrine of emancipation.

Page The Nyaya cannot he combined with Vaiselillka AdoptIOn of Pramiina alone .. Adol)tioll of the Valse~ika Principles Subtlet~T of Meanings aimed at .. Fine Definition of Terms The Us€' of Technical Terllls 402 402 402 403 403 403 Oha1Jter I J. i-tlte Earliest zlJork on Tarlca-sastra. 39. 40. 41. Importance of Tattva-cinlfimani 405 Gangesa, the Author of the Tattva-cintanw,ni 405 The Text of 17ullva-cinlamani BOOK I. Perc<'ptioll. ~(I, kkanq,a. jaiha-khy'fih .. ) Intercour::le between Renses and their Objects-Sannikarsa Ordinary PerceptIOn (laukika fJratyak~a).

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A History of Indian Logic (Ancient, Mediaeval and Modern Schools) by Vidyabhusana Satis Chandra

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