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Bjarke Frellesvig describes the advance of the japanese language from its recorded beginnings until eventually the current day as mirrored through the written assets and old checklist. starting with an outline of the oldest attested level of the language, previous eastern (approximately the 8th century AD), after which tracing the alterations which happened throughout the Early heart eastern (800-1200), past due heart eastern (1200-1600) and the trendy jap (1600-onwards) sessions, a whole inner heritage of the language is tested and mentioned. This account offers a finished examine of ways the japanese language has constructed and tailored, delivering a far wanted source for students. A background of the japanese Language is worthwhile to all these drawn to the japanese language and in addition scholars of language switch regularly

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Conversely, most writing systems have a logographic element. This includes alphabet writing as used to write English; for example, red and read (past tense of the verb 'to read') are written differently although they are homophonous. Also spaces between words, capitalization of some words, and punctuation all contribute an element of logography to alphabet writing. 2 Adaptation ofChinese script It is not known specifically when or how the Chinese script began to be used to write Japanese. Nor is it clear by what stages this took place.

Norito and Senmyo: Bentley 200la. 1, illustrated with one representative man 'yogana for each syllable. 1 KO-rui and otsu-rui syllables OJ kept distinct so-called ko-rui (type A) and otsu-rui (type B) syllables, which merged in the transition to EMJ. The difference is here noted by subscript '1' and '2'. Thus, the two distinct OJ syllables represented by, amongst others, 3'E and* respectively are termed me1 (ko-rui me) and me2 (otsu-rui me) because they merged and are reflected as EMJ (and NJ) me.

As EMC *myi;;)q, which corresponds to Pulleyblank *mji;;)'; mi; bi). It is clear that% has sound values far more similar to* than to ll~, yet% is used, like ll~, as an ongana for the syllable /myel, as opposed to * which is used to write /me/. 6 Senmy6-gaki The majority of OJ texts are written in a mixture of phonographic and logographic writing. Whereas some mixed texts have no clear functional differentiation between phonograms and logograms, others mainly use phonograms to write grammatical elements and logograms to write lexical words.

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