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Albert Schweitzer's Ethical Vision A Sourcebook by Predrag Cicovacki PDF

By Predrag Cicovacki

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The philosophy of Albert Schweitzer has proved generally influential in glossy considering, specially within the box of ethics. His prime moral thought should be summarized within the word ''reverence for life'' - specifically, that solid is composed in retaining and perfecting existence, and evil is composed in destroying and obstructing existence. For Schweitzer, all lifestyles is sacred. Ethics therefore bargains with human attitudes and behaviour towards all dwelling beings.
Unlike many ethical philosophers, Schweitzer argues that wisdom of human nature doesn't supply a adequate origin for any enough ethical concept. for this reason he bases his ethics on a lot broader foundations, articulated in his philosophy of civilization and the philosophy of faith. Schweitzer argues that the fabric element of our civilization has turn into way more very important than its religious counterpart. Even geared up faith has placed itself within the provider of politics and economic climate, thereby wasting its energy and ethical authority.
Schweitzer's ethics of reverence for all times, argues Predrag Cicovacki, deals a manageable substitute at a time whilst conventional moral theories are chanced on insufficient. Schweitzer's strong and un-dogmatic idealism may possibly provide the easiest antidote to the existing relativism and nihilism of the postmodern epoch. His moral imaginative and prescient directs us towards a brand new means of establishing a extra simply and extra peaceable global. gathering 16 of Schweitzer's most appropriate essays, this quantity serves as a compelling creation to this awesome philosopher and humanist.

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There are even numerous signs of a genuine retrogression. The sickness displays manifold symptoms, but the root cause is to be found in this condition: nothing in our civilization, including religion, is providing enough ethical ideals and energies. It has lost the great aim of the moral perfection of all mankind, and it is hemmed in by the walls of national and sectarian ideals instead of encompassing the whole world in its vision. Its greatness and its goodness pretend to be self-sufficient, whereas they ought to put themselves at the service of that general ethical perfection that, in accordance with the preaching of Jesus, one may call the Kingdom of God.

So the remarkable paradox emerges that thinking, when it is in agreement with facts, is unable to justify the worldview of ethical world- and life-affirmation. If, nevertheless, it wants to advocate this because natural feeling holds it for true and valuable, it must substitute for real knowledge of the universe a dualistic ethical explanation. It may no longer regard the universe as something that has issued and continues to issue from the mysterious Primal Cause of Being, but must assume a Creator of the universe who has an ethical character and sets an ethical purpose before world events.

Schweitzer’s theory should also be developed in the direction of a systematic philosophical anthropology. The coordinate system of such anthropology is already outlined by the ethics of reverence for life. On the one hand, human life is one among many forms of life, all of which deserve our reverence and devotion. On the other hand, we cannot but treat other forms of life from the human point of view; when Schweitzer talks about the situations in which it is inevitable to kill other forms of life, he mostly has a human point of view in mind.

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