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By Falko Lorenz

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From Math experiences: "This is a captivating textbook, introducing the reader to the classical components of algebra. The exposition is admirably transparent and lucidly written with in simple terms minimum must haves from linear algebra. the recent suggestions are, a minimum of within the first a part of the e-book, outlined within the framework of the advance of conscientiously chosen difficulties. therefore, for example, the transformation of the classical geometrical difficulties on buildings with ruler and compass of their algebraic atmosphere within the first bankruptcy introduces the reader spontaneously to such primary algebraic notions as box extension, the measure of an extension, etc... The ebook ends with an appendix containing workouts and notes at the past elements of the booklet. although, short historic reviews and proposals for additional examining also are scattered throughout the text."

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Proof. Part (i) follows easily from F10 with the help of (28). x/ 0 for all , then x 2 R, by (29). The converse is clear, so (ii) is established. Since a j b is equivalent to b=a 2 R, part (iii) follows using (28). Part (iv) now is an automatic consequence of (iii). ˜ 5. The foregoing sections have dealt with little more than the general foundations of elementary arithmetic. 2. Definition 8. Let R be a (not necessarily commutative) ring with unity 1 ¤ 0. We call R simple if every homomorphism R !

Since was assumed prime in R, the quotient R WD R= is an integral domain. We now work as in the proof of F9. Suppose f has a nontrivial factorization in RŒX : f D gh; with r D deg g 1 and s D deg h 1: Taking the image in RŒX  leads to, as before, f D gh; with deg g D r and deg h D s: To be sure, f is not irreducible, but because of condition (ii) it has the form f D aX n , so that in RŒX  the equation aX n D gh (14) holds. Set k D Frac R. Since kŒX  is a UFD and a ¤ 0, it follows from (14) that g and h have the form g D ˇX r and h D X s , with ˇ; 2 k.

Proof. d /: This means d is a gcd of the ai , by the argument preceding Definition 3; moreover, d clearly has a representation of the desired from. d /, by F2 and (11). ˜ Thus in a principal ideal domain not only is the existence of a gcd for any a1 ; : : : ; an assured, but it’s true to boot that any gcd has an additive representation of the form (14), which is astonishing. But none of this would help if we could not prove the existence of interesting principal ideal domains. . F5. The ring ‫ ޚ‬of integers is a principal ideal domain.

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