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After the Bible, the main text for theological study was the Sentences of Peter Lombard (1155), and as an apprentice master in theology, Aquinas wrote his lengthy Commentary on the Sentences. The Sentences itself was a systematization of the teaching of patristic theologians. In his commentary, Aquinas discusses themes and questions arising from the text, which will recur and receive developed treatments in his subsequent works. The quaestio is a genre which arises from the practice of disputation.

The Dominicans were especially dedicated to preaching, study and poverty, and this proved attractive to Aquinas. However, his family was horrified. They had envisaged a distinguished ecclesiastical career for him, and instead he was heading off with what would have been regarded as dubious vagabonds, hardly distinguishable from the myriad heretical bands of the era. So family members kidnapped him in an attempt to get him to see sense. Enduring a year of house arrest, Aquinas finally convinced them that his resolve would not be broken, and so was sent to Paris around 1246.

As surprising as this claim may seem, Te Velde makes a strong case based on extensive textual reference and a compelling interpretation rooted in Aquinas’s metaphysics of participation. I wish to characterize Te Velde’s general position before examining his specific argument against construing Aquinas as a theist. I shall argue that his reasons for this are not sound. 45 In practice, the philosophy has to be retrieved from within the theology. 46 Rather the role of philosophy is subtler. It allows conceptual clarification of the content of religious belief, but conceptual clarification which roots those beliefs in reality.

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