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Arabic logic: Ibn al-Ṭayyib's commentary on Porphyry's - download pdf or read online

By Kwame Gyekye

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In this proposition the predicate is a genus) (c) A triangle has two right angles as sum of its interior angles. (In this proposition the predicate is a proprium) (d) Some triangle is three inches on one side. (In this proposition the predicate is an accident). Thus, the doctrine makes a distinction between essential (necessary) predication (props. a-c), in which the predicate is conceptually connected with the subject, and accidental (contingent) predication (prop. d) in which there is no conceptual connection between the subject and the predicate.

Definition is the collection of many things into one, like the collection of individual men into the definition of their species. Demonstration is knowledge of things, which knowledge is looked for by means of a cause,16 like the knowledge of the fact that man is an animal by means of rational. As regards analysis it is the reduction of something into its elements, such as our analysis of an individual man into his elements, proximate and remote, I mean, into his organic members like the hand and the foot; and the organic members into their similar parts such as flesh and bone; and the similar parts into the four humors (of the human body), like blood, phlegm, yellow bile, and black bile; and these four (humors) into the four elements: fire, air, water, Page 29 and earth.

The next question that must be resolved is this: which of these Greek commentaries on the Eisagoge were translated into Arabic? None of them is recorded by Moritz Steinschneider 37 to have been translated into Syriac or Arabic. 43 However, what about cases where Arabic writers quote ormore frequentlymake references to the views of Greek authors whose works are not mentioned in the catalogue of translations? It is hard not to think, for instance, that Ibn al-Tayyib in his various definitions of the "indivisible" uses the commentary of David (see para.

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