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Archaeological Theory: Who Sets the Agenda? (New Directions by Norman Yoffee (editor), Andrew Sherratt (editor) PDF

By Norman Yoffee (editor), Andrew Sherratt (editor)

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ISBN-13: 9780521449588

Because the l960s, archaeology has turn into more and more taught in universities and practiced on a starting to be scale by means of nationwide and native historical past organisations through the global. This e-book addresses the criticisms of postmodernist writers approximately archaeology's social function, and asserts its highbrow value and achievements in learning actual proof concerning the human previous. It seems to be ahead to the construction of a very worldwide recognition of the origins of human societies and civilizations.

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1987,1988 Feminism and Science I & II. Special issues of Hypatia, vols. 1. Wedel, Waldo R. 1938 The Direct-historic Approach in Pawnee Archaeology. Smithsonian Miscellaneous Collections 97: 1-21. Wissler, Clark 1917 The New Archaeology. American Museum Journal 17: 100-1. Wylie, Alison 1987 The Philosophy of Ambivalence: Sandra Harding on The Science Question in Feminism, Canadian Journal of Philosophy. Supplementary Vol. 13: 59-73. 1989a Matters of Fact and Matters of Interest. In Archaeological Approaches to Cultural Identity, edited by Stephen Shennan, pp.

Unfortunately, the word is ambiguous in English; as well as Wissenschaft, it means more narrowly that knowledge expressed in universal general laws on the model of physical sciences and especially of classical mechanics. But archaeology is not any old science; it is a historical study, and has the special features of a historical science, like paleontology and historical linguistics, that addresses more-or-less remote historical events by means of the fragments that survive. It is unfortunate that so many views of archaeology as science have overlooked this, so that deference to non-historical physical and biological sciences remains strong among archaeologists of processual or no declared persuasion.

Even more worrisome, does this contextualism not entail that inferences concerning the past are unavoidably circular, 22 Alison Wylie that archaeologists will necessarily find in the record just, or only, what their conceptual framework prepares them to recognize as evidence? Implicitly, traditionalists since the 1910s have recognized this problem inasmuch as they reject any position which privileges theory, or calls for attention to explanatory questions before all the data are in, on grounds that this is simply a license for speculation.

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Archaeological Theory: Who Sets the Agenda? (New Directions in Archaeology) by Norman Yoffee (editor), Andrew Sherratt (editor)

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