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By Nikoletta Kanavou

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Aristophanes, the distinguished Greek comedian poet, is legendary for his performs on modern subject matters, within which he workouts fierce political satire. historic political comedy made abundant use of comically major right names - a lot as is the case in smooth satire. comedian names utilized by Aristophanes for his satirical objectives (public figures, daily Athenians) give you the major topic of this e-book, which addresses questions corresponding to why specific names are selected (or invented), and the way they relate to the plays?? characters and topics.

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P. Brulé). 59 See Willi 2003: 18 ff. for examples. Editors treat them inconsistently, sometimes printing them with capital initials, sometimes not. 60 For a survey of comedy’s treatment of foreign religions and cults practised at Athens, but never fully accepted, see Long 1989: 20 ff. Aristophanes’ negative depiction of them (cf. : 44 – 5) must reflect public feeling. 61 It would be wrong of course to see the poet as a serious-minded religious sceptic; he treats gods as ‘irreverently’ as every other aspect of contemporary life that lends itself to his satire.

Hornblower’s relevant remark (2004: 164 and n. 129). 80 Identification difficulties are exemplified in the cases mentioned by Wilson (2007a: 17, 83 – 4, 95), where individuals are termed as fictitious in LGPN or by commentators although their names are attested and therefore it cannot be proven that they did not exist: Amphitheos (Ach. ), Antitheos father of Kritylla (Th. 898), Strymodoros and Euergides (V. 230 – 4), Teisiades (V. 401), Ergasion (V. 1201). W. Koster and D. Holwerda. 82 While the historicity of each name has been explored as far as possible, it needs to be said that names absent from LGPN (and other sources) are not necessarily the poet’s inventions, as it may simply be that attestations have not survived.

Vv. H]yqor and H]yqor). 145 See Perlman 2000: 13 – 6 and Ercolani 2002: 228 – 33. The Theoros of Acharnians is reminiscent of a real ambassador sent to Thrace in 431, Nymphodoros (Th. 29). 146 The proper name is accentuated V\kgr by Wilson and Olson. Vak/r was preferred by Hall-Geldart, Coulon and Sommerstein. The place of the accent has not been determined on either common noun or name, cf. v. vakk|r. Other attestations of the noun include v\key (Hippon. fr. 21 W), vak^tym (Lys. 771 and Com. Adesp.

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