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5m is designed to stall at the same wind condition, what would be the local blade angle? 9 m/s. 3 Turbine Power Control Too high a power output from wind turbines is actually very undesirable. Too high a power output can over-stress the blades causing structural failure and the generator in the turbine has only a finite capacity to absorb power. Two methods are commonly used to control the power output. 1. Stall Control. The blade is designed mechanically for maximum lift. At higher wind speeds, the blades will stall, causing a reduction in lift and hence tangential force.

8:1 pressure ratio and a mass flow of 77 kg/s using air as the working fluid. The exhaust temperature is at 43◦ C and the inlet temperature to the machine is around 1000◦ C. 4 m. The machine is to be designed for a constant axial velocity of 200 m/s. Estimate the blade heights at entry and exit of the turbine. com 62 Basic Concepts in Turbomachinery Application of The Equations of Fluid Motion Solution This problem requires us to apply the continuity equation at inlet and exit from the turbine, to do this we need to know the density of the fluid at inlet and exit.

In this book the NACA 0012 aerofoil is used for simplicity but there are actually a wind variety of aerofoils available many designed specifically for wind turbine use. 2. The chord length c along the span of the blade. 6: Relationship between γ and i 3. The angle that the blade is set to given the symbol γ, this is positive in the direction of rotation as for the flow angles α and β. This is also known as the blade twist. CL and CD are obtained with a stationary aerofoil in a wind tunnel and the incidence i is defined for convenience in the wind tunnel testing environment.

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