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By Hannah Arendt

ISBN-10: 0143104810

ISBN-13: 9780143104810

Arendt describes the lack of that means of the normal keyword phrases of politics: justice, cause, accountability, advantage, glory. via a sequence of 8 workouts, she indicates how we will redistill once again the important essence of those options.

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They were the first who dared to think without the guidance of any authority whatsoever; yet, for better and worse, they were still held by the categorical frame- work of the great tradition. In some need no longer be concerned with philistines," up who all respects we are better their scorn for the off. We "educated through the nineteenth century tried to make for the loss of authentic authority with a spurious glorification To most people today this culture looks like a field of ruins which, far from being able to claim any authority, can hardly of culture.

The scene where Ulysses listens to the story of his own life is paradigmatic for both history and poetry; the "reconciliation with reality," the catharsis, which, according to Aris- was the essence of tragedy, and, according to Hegel, was the ultimate purpose of history, came about through the tears of re- totle, membrance. The deepest human motive for history and poetry aphere in since listener, actor, and sufferer pears unparalleled purity: are the same person, all motives of sheer curiosity and lust for new information, which, of course, have always played a large role in both historical inquiry and aesthetic pleasure, are naturally absent in Ulysses himself, if who would have been bored rather than history were only news and poetry only entertainment.

In the later work the same attitude to philosophy appears in the prediction that the working None Each be the only legitimate heir of classical philosophy. of these statements can be understood in and by itself. class will its meaning by contradicting some traditionally acwhose plausibility up to the beginning of the modern acquires cepted truth Between Past and Future 22 first that age had been beyond doubt. "Labor created man" means that it means labor and not God created man; second, man, insofar as he his is own humanity is the result of what distinguishes man from not reason, but labor, that he creates himself, that his human, activity; it means, third, that animal, his differentia specified, is is not an animal rationale, but an animal laborans; it means, fourth, not reason, until then the highest attribute of man, but labor, the traditionally most despised human activity, which conthat it is traditional humanity of man.

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