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By David L. Pulver

ISBN-10: 0968243134

ISBN-13: 9780968243138

"Big Robots, Cool Starships" is the multi-genre mecha layout and wrestle complement for the "Big Eyes, Small Mouth" jap anime RPG and the Tri-Stat approach. The ebook comprises the required mechanics to run a mecha-heavy crusade that includes the exploits of angst-ridden robotic pilots, smooth wrestle cyborgs, daring starship captains, and a unlimited variety of different anime mecha archetypes. yet it does not cease there! BRCS is adequately versatile to permit gamers and GMs to layout and stat-out approximately any robotic, automobile, constitution, or immense monster from any style in a question of mins -- from motor motorcycles to house stations, mecha dragons to pirate ships. All this from a versatile production method that minimizes overly-complex video game mechanics and maximizes your inventive strength!

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The item may in fact be the mecha in a more compact (but powerless) form, or a device that enables the mecha to be summoned from another dimension. 1 MBP 2 MBP The required object is small, such as a medallion or compact. The required object is bulky, such as a sword or suitcase. Unique Mecha Defect This section covers any Mecha Defects that are not detailed in the rules. The boundaries and limitations of the Mecha Defect should be discussed with the GM. Examples could include a mecha that "dislikes" the owner, a mecha design that is rather old and very "uncool", a mecha that can only operate during the evening, and many others.

An exposed character targeted for attack receives no protection from the mecha's Armour. An example of this Weapon Defect would be a machine gun mounted on a bracket atop a tank — the gunner must lean out of the hatch to use it. This Defect cannot be taken if the mecha has the Exposed Crew Defect, and is not normally usable with the Cybernetic Body Attribute or hand-held weapons. Fixed — The weapon has a very limited arc of fire and must be aimed by turning the mecha, rather than the weapon. For example, the weapon could be a set of fixed forwardfiring guns on a fighter plane, or a ramming prow on a galactic ship.

An example would be a hang glider. Big Robots, Cool Starships Step 5E: Mecha Derived Values After you have selected the Mecha Sub-Attributes and Defects for your character's mecha, you can calculate the following derived values for the mecha: Armour — Add the Armour values from the Armour Sub-Attribute and the Less Armour Mecha Defect. Health Points — All mecha have a base Health Point value of 40 points. This base value is increased by 20 points for each Level of the Toughness Sub-Attribute and reduced by 5 points for each MBP of the Not So Tough Defect (pages 21 and 49).

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