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By Bharat Singh

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ISBN-13: 9780470963043

ISBN-10: 1118635795

ISBN-13: 9781118635797

Content material:
Chapter 1 Biofuel Crop Sustainability Paradigm (pages 3–29): B.P. Singh
Chapter 2 Sustainable creation of Grain plants for Biofuels (pages 31–52): A.A. Jaradat
Chapter three Sugarcane as an power Crop: Its function in Biomass economic system (pages 53–108): R. van Antwerpen, S.D. Berry, T. van Antwerpen, J. Smithers, S. Joshi and M. van der Laan
Chapter four Sustainable Cellulosic Grass Crop creation (pages 109–164): J.H. Fike, D.J. Parrish and W.B. Fike
Chapter five Sustainable Oil plants creation (pages 165–204): C. Eynck, D. Shrestha, J. Vollmann, K.C. Falk, W. Friedt, H.P. Singh and E. Obeng
Chapter 6 Short?rotation Woody Crop Biomass creation for Bioenergy (pages 205–237): L.C. Kiser and T.R. Fox
Chapter 7 Biomass Feedstock creation influence on Water source Availability (pages 239–260): K.C. Stone, P.G. Hunt, K.B. Cantrell and K.S. Ro
Chapter eight Biofuel plants and Soil caliber and Erosion (pages 261–299): D. Chatskikh, A. Ovchinnikova, B. Seshadri and N. Bolan
Chapter nine Nutrient administration in Biofuel Crop creation (pages 301–324): R. Lemus
Chapter 10 foodstuff, Farming, and Biofuels (pages 325–355): J. Popp
Chapter eleven Biofuel plants, environment prone, and Biodiversity (pages 357–382): A. Fieldsend and H.P. Singh
Chapter 12 Biofuel plants and Greenhouse Gases (pages 383–405): A. Hastings, J. Yeluripati, J. Hillier and P. Smith
Chapter thirteen Economics of Biomass Feedstocks and Biofuels (pages 407–429): T.A. Maung, C. Gustafson, B. McCarl, D. Ripplinger and D. Saxowsky
Chapter 14 Geospatial Modeling functions for Biofuel Sustainability overview (pages 431–448): S.S. Panda

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Crop production systems differ as to their overall energy efficiencies expressed as output-toinput ratios; they ranged from 10 to 16 for conventional and no-till food production and from 7 to 11 for conventional and no-till fuel production, respectively. This analysis suggested that the use of cropland for food is more energetically efficient than for fuel production and large differences in efficiencies are attributed to management, which suggests multiple opportunities for improvement. , 2010). , in the United States, EU, Brazil, and China) have been rushed through without full understanding of the wider impacts on LU, food prices (Robbins, 2011), and ecosystem services (Gressel, 2008).

Gari, I. (2002) Arabic treatise on environmental pollution up to the end of the thirteenth century. Environment and History 8: 475–488. , et al. (2010) Tropical forests were the primary sources of new agricultural land in the 1980s and 1990s. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 107: 16732–16737. , et al. (2008) Carbon payback times for crop-based biofuel expansion in the tropics: the effects of changing yield and technology. Environment Research Letters 3: 1–10. P. (1977) The World’s Worst Weeds.

2010). , 2009). , 2010), and the impact of bioenergy on food insecurity depends on the crop grown, the land used, the technology employed, and how the biofuel supply chain is integrated into agricultural, social, and economic systems. , 2011). , 2011). Because of their direct use for human consumption, a price differential will likely continue to exist for wheat and rice grain in comparison to maize and sorghum mostly used for animal 34 Biofuel Crop Sustainability feed. , 2008). The United States and the EU are major exporters and donors of relatively affordable food for developing countries.

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