Business Start-up 2 Teacher's Book by Mark Ibbotson PDF

By Mark Ibbotson

ISBN-10: 0521534704

ISBN-13: 9780521534703

Company Start-up is a two-level (CEF point A1/A2) company English path for adults who want English for his or her paintings. The Teacher's e-book includes specified notes on each lesson with further tips and suggestion on tips to deal with and expand the direction fabric. extra verbal exchange actions in every one lesson supply much more communicative language perform. The Teacher's booklet additionally features a placement/end in fact a number of selection attempt and development assessments after each 3 devices. The company Start-up web site deals a downloadable checklist of Can-do statements for each unit in keeping with knowledge from the typical eu Framework of Reference for Languages, permitting scholars the opportunity to mirror on what they have learnt and assessment their very own growth.

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Anddo not yet manipulate Kq 1 If the flight'sdelayed,I'11 stay at the airport. 2 If the suppliersdon't deliver ittoday,we won't finish on time. ) If youwork hard,you'll achieve your goal. + If the project isn't successful,we'll lose a lot of money. 5 If they don'r finish the job, they'll work late tonight. 0 If the price isn't too high, we'll increaseour sales. Askstudents to checktheiranswers, by finding E the in the transcript for Listening sentences 38 on SB page119. psB page83. Check that stud ents u n d e r s t a n dt h e n a t u r eo f t h e b u s i n e s s T .

Theythentistenagaínand repeat the new vocabulary. Afterstudentshave check edtheir answers, theycould'test'each o ther o r ally in p airs. Key 1 peak periods 2 leaflet/booklet, booklet/leaflet 3 history 4 map 5 souvenir 6 museum 7 guidedtour practice""p SB Page99, Exercise 5. ffi Vocabulary Key 1 map 2 shuttle 3 souvenirs a guided 5 leaflet 6 peak OPTIONALACTIVITY Say thata prísonísan unusuattouríst attraction. Ask studentsto talkaboutany otherstrangetourist attractions thevknowof. ffi for studentsto listento 34 Playthe recording fourshortdialoguesin a tourístinformation off]ceín San Fr anciscoI.

Please find attached the agenda for the meeting. I look forward to seeing you there/then. Regards, Naomi COMMUNICATION PRACTICE 14 ... > SB Pages 82 and 90. Key 11 5 So, when's the best time to meet, for you? I'm free next week. Um ... I can't make it next week. I'm ... I'm busy all week. The week after's OK for me. The week after. What about Monday? Monday, December the twelfth? Yes, that's OK for me. In the morning? Yeah. Half past nine? Nine thirty? Yeah, that's fine. OK. Monday, December the twelfth at nine thirty, then.

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