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This e-book, according to study performed on the Academia Sinica during the last 30 years, explains the fundamental distinction among the variable cost soils of tropical and subtropical areas, and the consistent cost soils of temperate areas. it's going to concentrate on the chemical homes of the variable cost soils--properties that have very important referring to soil administration practices, together with maximizing soil productiveness and battling soil toxins.

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5. 4. The change in surface charge would induce the change in zeta potential and thus the change in IEP. Such a change in IEP for this colloid is shown in Fig. 16. 4, indicating that the effect of phosphate ions on surface charge of soil colloid is greater than that of silicate ions. The extent of the effect of specific adsorption of anions on surface charge of soils is related to the amount of the anions. It can be seen from Fig. 17 that, following the increase in sulfate ions, the quantity of positive surface charge of Rhodic Ferralsol decreased sharply at first and then remained practically unchanged when the amount of sulfate exceeded 5 cmol kg-1, whereas the quantity of negative surface charge increased gradually to a maximum value of about 15 cmol kg-1.

21, the increases in net negative surface charge for the three soils are more remarkable when the pH is higher than about 5. This highlights the important role of the last two factors. The role of the last factor can be evidenced in Fig. 22. 3 Influence of Environmental Factors on Surface Charge 49 Fig. 21. Increase in net negative surface charge of variable charge soils after phosphate adsorption at different pH values. negative surface charge exceeds the decrement of positive surface charge. Hence, the overall result is that the quantity of negative surface charge increases with the increase in pH.

According to the electric double layer theory, the surface charge density a and surface potential 0 are related to the electrolyte concentration C of the liquid phase following the Gouy-Chapman equation: (2-1) For constant charge surface, is a constant, and therefore we have 20 Surface Charge (2-2) It can be seen from the equation that when the electrolyte concentration C, dielectric constant , valence z of compensating ions, or temperature T is changed, the surface potential 0 will also change, so that the left side of equation (2-1), , can remain constant.

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