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By Glenn V. Lo, Michael A. Janusa

ISBN-10: 1935987011

ISBN-13: 9781935987017

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8 g/mL B. 0 g/mL C. 00 g/mL D. 000 g/mL 8. How should the result of the following calculation be reported? 010 s A. 80 m/s B. 0 m/s C. 0×101 m/s D. 8×101 m/s 9. How should the result of the following calculation be reported? 0)? A. 20 B. 21 C. 202 D. 2022 10. 37)? A. 36 B. 3 C. 27 D. 266 11. 00 cm. What is the proper way to report the volume? 141592653589793238462643383279... A. 520 cm3 B. 523 cm3 C. 524 cm3 12. 9 MHz? A. 019×106 Hz B. 019×108 Hz, C. 019×104 Hz D. 019×10−5 Hz 13. Which of the following is not equivalent to 10−3 mg?

Distance is always a positive number. 0 m to the left. Calculate the displacements for each leg and the total distance traveled. 0 m. 0 m. 4 Speed Speed refers to how fast an object is moving. 0 hr. Calculate its ­average speed? 0 km hr−1 We calculate the average speed by dividing the distance by the elapsed time. 0 hr, has only two significant digits. 0 km per hour. 0 km every hour. 0 km during the second hour. 0 hours. 0 km during the next 1–1/2 hour. In fact, there are an infinite number of possibilities.

An ion with 8 protons and 10 electrons 14. How many hydrogen atoms are in 5 molecules of acetic acid (CH3COOH)? A. 3 B. 4 C. 15 D. 20 15. How many electrons are in a sulfur trioxide (SO3) molecule and a sulfite ion (SO32−)? A. 40, 40 B. 40, 42 C. 38, 40 D. 78, 80 16. 0 u. 0%. The average mass of the X atoms is... A. 77 u B. 3 u C. 5 u D. 78 u 17. 00 u. 8 u? A. 0% B. 0% C. 0% Chapter 3: Atoms, Ions, and Molecules 41 This page intentionally left blank CHAPTER Basic Physics Concepts 4 A good understanding of basic physics concepts is very useful for ­understanding ­Chemistry.

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