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Download e-book for kindle: Classic Play: Book Of The Planes (d20 System) by Gareth Hanrahan, Ralph Horsley

By Gareth Hanrahan, Ralph Horsley

ISBN-10: 1904577903

ISBN-13: 9781904577904

The vintage Play sequence takes the preferred points of roleplaying and places all of them jointly in a single whole quantity. past titles have integrated The e-book of Strongholds & Dynasties, The ebook of Dragons, The publication of Adventuring, and The e-book of Encounters and Lairs. This quantity absolutely info the planes, trade existences that the courageous and foolhardy input in equivalent degree. a whole one-stop source for any video games grasp aspiring to run video games in those worlds, avid gamers also will locate it immensely beneficial in the event that they wish their personality to outlive.

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The glabrezu offered wishes for souls, once, but it is a buyer’s market and they are rarely so generous these days. Still, all that is past. 6 Skill Points at Each Level: 4 + Int modifier. Class Features All of the following are class features of the Eleemosyne prestige class. – The Fall of Etrichan Von Trask Act VI, Scene vi Weapon and Armour Proficiency: Eleemosynes gain no additional weapon or armour proficiencies. 46 FELLOW TRAVELLERS Member of the Brothers of Charity You are a member of the Brothers of Charity.

Alternatively, he may remove the helm and pass it onto another, but few do. Wayfarer’s Luck (Su): The Wayfarers are notoriously lucky – or blessed. For every three days spent travelling, the character may add one point to his Wayfarer’s Luck bonus. The character may apply this bonus to his Armour Class, an attack roll, or a skill check as a luck bonus; doing so resets Wayfarer’s Luck to 0. Wayfarer’s Luck cannot exceed +20. There is one little known catch to service in the Faceless Legion. As each helm carries the weight of the sins committed by its previous wearers, there are certain helms which would condemn a saint to the Infernum, should she wear one.

The sphere glows when the stone is ‘dragging’ a plane shifting character. Rod of Security Moderate abjuration; CL7th; Craft Wondrous Item, dimensional anchor; Price 28,000 gp. This item works by transporting the users to a pocket plane with the following traits: Size 6, Morphic 5, Life 1, Proximity 0, Accessibility 1. This last trait means that the plane can normally only be accessed using the rod of security. It is possible to overcome this using planecraft. One side of a cubic gate always goes to the Material Plane, and another always goes to the home plane of the creator (or a random plane, if the cube was carved on the Material Plane).

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Classic Play: Book Of The Planes (d20 System) by Gareth Hanrahan, Ralph Horsley

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