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By Diomidis Spinellis

ISBN-10: 0321166078

ISBN-13: 9780321166074

The e-book is stuffed with hard-won adventure solid properly into prose. it is a very necessary learn. the writer does not turn away from explaining tricky or elaborate innovations, the place useful, and every aspect is illustrated with instance code from actual systems.

For instance, the bankruptcy on Maintainability opens with 4 attributes of a maintainable approach (from ISO/IEC 9126-1:2001) that truly struck a chord with me.

Analysability: discovering the site of an errors or the a part of the software program that needs to be analysed
Changeability: imposing the upkeep swap at the system's code
Stability: no longer breaking whatever in the course of the change
Testability: Validating the software program after the change

I recognize maintainable code while I see it -- it has a undeniable feel... Up earlier notwithstanding i have usually struggled to precise that feeling to non-programmers, or maybe extra importantly, to much less skilled colleagues.

Highly recommended.

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Concurrent package; another involves using the transaction-monitoring facilities 58 59 of an application server. Going through code for each of the issues associated with concurrency and timing would warrant a separate book, but it is certainly instructive to see a couple of representative examples associated with concurrency in Java programs. Consider, for example, the issue of synchronization. The Java thread-programming model offers us two ways to achieve it: 1. add(cookie); } 2. Condition synchronization through such methods as wait and notify Exclusion synchronization should be used only to isolate unwanted interactions between critical sections of code by ensuring that only one thread executes code within the synchronized section—the monitor code—at a time.

The current implementation will select from the files not matching the pattern all files but the first one; a more useful interpretation would be to select the first file not matching the pattern. 17 Would writing a program's specifications in a formal language solve all problems of misinterpretation? 4. Computation Problems Common sources of computation problems include the algorithm we employ, our choice of operators and operands, and the way expressions are evaluated. 1. Incorrect Algorithm or Computation In Chapter 8, we describe a number of computational problems associated with the use of floating-point arithmetic.

19 Investigate how your C/C++ compiler can be made to report uninitialized variables. Try a small example, and then run the compiler with the appropriate settings in code you are maintaining. 20 Locate in the book's source code collection five instances in which the type system could be better used to detect inappropriate operands. Implement the improvements, and illustrate concrete examples of illegitimate code that was previously compiled and will now get flagged as incorrect. 3. Incorrect Operator in an Expression There are not too many ways in which an operator in an expression may sometimes work and sometimes fail.

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