Colloquial Estonian (Colloquial Series) by Christopher Moseley PDF

By Christopher Moseley

ISBN-10: 0203019695

ISBN-13: 9780203019696

ISBN-10: 0415450543

ISBN-13: 9780415450546

This new version of Colloquial Estonian is simple to take advantage of and entirely up to date.

Specially written by way of an skilled instructor for self-study or category use, the path provide you with a step by step method of written and spoken Estonian. No earlier wisdom of the language is needed. What makes Colloquial Estonian your best option in own language learning?

  • Interactive – plenty of dialogues and workouts for normal practice.
  • Clear – concise grammar notes.
  • Practical – priceless vocabulary and pronunciation guide.
  • Complete – together with resolution key and distinct reference section.

By the tip of this lucrative direction it is possible for you to to speak expectantly and successfully in Estonian in a huge diversity of daily occasions.

Accompanying audio fabric is offered to buy individually on CD/MP3 layout, or comes integrated within the nice price Colloquials Pack.

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52 5/30/08, 16:47 Unit 4: In Tartu 53 Exercise 6 Answer these questions in Estonian: 1 2 3 4 5 6 Kes oli vastas, kui Paul ja Tõnu saabusid Tartusse? Mis kell nad hommikul tõusisid? Kuhu pidi Piret minema? Kus ta lubas neid oodata? Mitu minutit enne kella nelja lubas ta oodata? Ja mitu minuti pärast kella kolme lubas ta oodata? Reading passage Paul ja Tõnu Tartus (CD 1; 21) Kui Pauli ja Tõnu buss tuli Tartusse, oli Piret juba vastas. Kuigi nad tõusid juba kolmveerand seitse hommikul, läks sõit väga hästi.

Many adverbs in Estonian that are formed from adjectives tend to end in -sti or -lt – but note that the stem of the adverb is the genitive stem of the adjective: täpne exact (gen. täpse-) kiire fast (gen. ) Exercise 1 (CD 1; 19) Answer the question Mis kell on? 11 Exercise 2 Write out these numbers in words: 1 16 2 84 3 973 4 233 5 1814 6 1992 Exercise 3 Answer the following questions, giving the time in words: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Mis Mis Mis Mis Mis Mis Mis kell kell kell kell kell kell kell te hommikul tõusete?

Tere õhtust! Tervist! Saage tuttavaks. See on Jaan Saar, minu onu. Terve pere on täna õhtul kodus. Tundke end nagu kodus! Nad istuvad elutoas ja puhkavad. Onu Jaan istub tugitoolis ja loeb ajalehte. Minu tädi istub teisel toolil ja loeb raamatut. Good evening! Step inside! Good evening! Hello! 56 5/30/08, 16:47 Unit 5: Visiting Piret Piret: Jaan: Piret: 57 Come and get to know the family. This is Jaan Saar, my uncle. The whole family is at home this evening. Make yourselves at home! They’re sitting in the living-room and relaxing.

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