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By Arnold I. Goldberg

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Quantity thirteen presents important examples of the very kind of clinically grounded theorizing that represents development in self psychology. the outlet element of scientific papers encompasses compensatory constructions, facilitating responsiveness, repressed stories, mature selfobject event, disgrace within the analyst, and the solution of intersubjective impasses. self-psychologically expert ways to supervision  Read more...

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In his retrospective reassessment of his patient's failed attempt to get help, Gunbip (1969) came to profound conclusions. To put it simply, he said that the patient's looking at breasts was, indeed, oral; however, the theory that led him to see the voyeurism as a regression to an earlier state of drive and object relations was incomplete, and it misled him. Freud's idea of "instinctive drives" (oral, anal, incestuous) and wishes to return to earlier "erotic happiness ... misses the real point" (p.

Indeed, an internal psychological point of gravity shifted: she turned away from all the unsuccessful attempts to engage with others who did not respond to her mirroring needs, from the idealizations that failed to provide her with her own sustaining goals. When her inner balance changed, the depletion, depression, and inhibition that interfered with her making use of her gifts (skills and talents) underwent a transformation: the twinship finally provided the necessary ingredients for authentic healing and growth.

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