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. with dw, ex university lib, stamps and so forth 1967 second ed

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S-S XVII 5-6 Cf. GOLLDEN AGES, a, b. Cf. CHAUCER, c. Act Division b. (Eugenius) . . the distinction of it [Old Comedy] into acts was not known to them [the Ancients] . . All we know of it is, from the singing of their Chorus; and that too is so uncertain, that in some of their plays we have reason to conjecture they sung more than five times. Dram. Poesy, '65. K I 44 PLAY (PARTS). c. (Eugenius) But . . when I condemn the Ancients, I declare it is not altogether because they have not five acts to every play, but because they have not confined themselves to one certain number: it is building an house without a modal; and when they succeeded in such undertakings, they ought to have sacrificed to Fortune, not to the Muses.

L-Tonson-93 Letter to Jacob Tonson, "Aug. th" [Dryden] 1693. [Ward No. 26 and Notes, p. 166] L-Walsh-93 Letter to William Walsh, "Dec. 12th" [Dryden] 1693. [Ward No. 28 and Notes, p. 167] L-Dennis-94 Letter to John Dennis, c. March 1694. [Ward No. 31 and Notes, p. 169] Ded. Love Triumphant Dedication of Love Triumphant, pub. 1694. L-Tonson-95 Letter to Jacob Tonson, c. April 1695. [Ward No. 32 and Notes, p. 170] 1 Since the Polybius is referred to in the Preface to Cleomenes (Advertised London Gazette 2-5 May 1692) as "shortly [to] be published," it is placed before the Discourse of Satire, which is dated by Dryden 18 August 1692.

POETIC LICENSE, e. c. . Shakespeare and Fletcher have written to the genius of the age and nation in which they lived; for though nature, as he [Rymer] objects, is the same in all places, and reason too the same, yet the climate, the age, the disposition of the people . . may be so different, that what pleased the Greeks would not satisfy an English audience. Heads of an Answer, '77. S-S XV 385 Cf. SHAKESPEARE, f. Cf. GOLDEN AGES, a. Cf. BELLORI. Alexandrine [See Prosody] Ambition [¶] Ambition is so far from being a vice in poets, that it is almost impossible for them to succeed without it.

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