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Stephen Herron's Desolation (Ubiquity System, GMD1000) PDF

By Stephen Herron

ISBN-10: 0981528120

ISBN-13: 9780981528120

Excessive myth, introduced Low. The sky grew to become crimson, the floor cut up, the oceans flooded, fireplace rained down, legendary beasts aroused from sleep and magic lashed out. while the evening of fireside ended, 9 out of each 10 humans in Scondera have been lifeless. The lengthy iciness killed numerous extra. You survived. Desolation is a post-apocalyptic myth roleplaying online game set 18 months after a high-fantasy international used to be approximately delivered to an finish. You create a personality who survived the devastation. Will you grab strength amidst the chaos, aid to rebuild civilization, remap the twisted is still of the realm ... or will you even live on one other day? the tale is yours to inform. Desolation's 256 pages comprise every thing had to play, together with a whole atmosphere, seven playable races, free-form magic ideas and the Ubiquity Roleplaying procedure, which emphasizes tale and streamlined gaming.

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Each captain was responsible for his or her ship, and everyone on it. Becoming a ship’s captain was the height of rover society, second only to staying a rover captain for any length of time. Captains had to be constantly vigilant about other rovers trying to replace them through political maneuvers. When larger issues needed to be resolved, a Council of Captains was convened in Zamai. The council was presided over by the most experienced captain in attendance. It handed down punishments that included marking the guilty with tattoos, which broadcast their crimes as a warning to other rovers.

Gnomes traveled to other races’ settlements to trade. Four main branches of gnomish culture formed after the Forgetting. Most gnomes were uninvolved in the Mystics’ grand plans. They are called Sleepers by their more adventurous kin. They spent most of their days farming, crafting or trading, but one day each week they spent in worship and dutifully provided a tithe to the Mystics. The Mystics led gnome society since the Forgetting. They used the tithes to purchase supplies that the keepers hid in secret caches.

Some of Nature’s most timid creatures have become wicked, innately magical beasts. You’re on Your Own The government and military have been shattered worse than the landscape. Those who waited for the Empire to step in and fix things for them have been badly disappointed. Only the small, simple governments have managed to reorganize. But even they are powerless to truly affect the lives of their people, unable to provide the protection, order or resources that are so desperately needed. Their guidance and unifying vision can be a powerful source of hope, however, and that is more than most have.

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