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By Phyllis Zhang

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Constructing chinese language FLUENCY is a rigorous communique abilities education application that seeks to systematically extend the intermediate inexperienced persons' vocabulary, and aid them in attaining complex point talent within the oral and written use of the language -- really within the parts of description, comparability and advent -- in a comparatively brief time period.

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Avgaqh,) (Rom 7:12) 7. avgaphte,Ã mh. mimou/ to. n avlla. to. avgaqo,n) (3 John 11) 8. kai. j mega,louj kai. j mikrou,j (Rev 20:12) English to Greek 1. Are the holy men receiving the good things of the land? 2. The house is beautiful, but the heart of the master of the house is wicked. 3. The dead do not know the truth, for they do not hear God s voice. 4. The evil one wishes to destroy the faithful [women], but they trust God. Page 27 44 45 Vocabulary for LXX and NT Sentences avgaphte,, beloved avndro,j, of a man auvtou/, of him, his auvtw/|, to him basile,wn, of (the) kings bibli,w|, (the) book gego,nasin, have been gegramme,noi, are written dw,h, may he give evlehmopoiou/, giving alms evgnw,kamen, we have come to know evgw,, I ei=, are ei=don, I saw eivmi, am ei=pen, he said evk, out of evma,, my own evn, in evntolh,, commandment evpi,, in e;sesqe, you shall be e;sontai, will be evsti,n, is, are evtw/n, of (the) years Eu=, well done!

N avlh,qeia,n sou evn evkklhsi,a| a`gi,wn) (Ps 88:6, ET 89:5) 7. kai. boh,sei . . evn th/| h`me,ra| evkei,nh| w`j fwnh. qala,sshj· (Isa 5:30) NT 32 33 1. n avlh,qeian le,gwà ouv pisteu,ete, moi) (John 8:45) 2. ta. pro,bata . . avkou,ei . . n auvtou/· (John 10:3-4) 3. le,gei auvtw/| . . j kai. h` avlh,qeia kai. h` zwh,· (John 14:6) 4. n kai. n gh/n kai. n qa,lassan . . · (Acts 14:15) 5. (To God be) h` do,xa evn th/| evkklhsi,a| kai. evn Cristw/| VIhsou/ . . avmh,n) (Eph 3:21) 6. evgw. . n kai.

N lo,gon, Through you we are hearing the word. (3) o` o;cloj lamba,nei to. ploi/on avpV evmou/, The crowd is taking the boat from me. (Remember that elision and aspiration sometimes occur with prepositions. ) The preposition pro,j is an exception to this rule. It commonly uses the enclitic forms of these pronouns: (1) fwnh. le,gei pro,j me, A voice speaks to me ; (2) pe,mpw te,knon pro,j se, I am sending a child to you. 47. Exercises Practice and Review 1. le,gete lo,gon kata. tou/ kuri,ou tou/ ouvranou/È 2.

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