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By Melvin Berger

ISBN-10: 0590488244

ISBN-13: 9780590488242

November 1995 First Scholastic Printing. Paperback. ISBN: 0590488244. fifty six pages.

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It also changes shape. Sometimes it is longer, sometimes rounder. And it changes colors, from bright red to pink to gray. The Great Red Spot has even disappeared for short periods of time. But it always comes back in just about the same place. Astonomers have long wondered what causes the Great Red Spot. Most now agree that it is a raging storm, like a powerful hurricane. Swirling very high speeds. The color comes from different gases mixed in with the clouds rush around at clouds. The Voyager 2 spacecraft made two important findings about the clouds within the Great Red Spot: Red Spot are not spinning around at the same speed.

Earth, too, has a number of craters. But wind, rain, and growing plants usually fill them hard in the Earth's craters. ) 33 Astronomers wonder why Io is free of craters. They have two possible answers. Old craters may have been filled in by the liquid sulfur from Io's volcanoes. Or, Io may be a young moon and not many objects from space have crash-landed there yet. Europa We moons Euprobably made of call the smallest of the Galilean ropa (you-ROH-pa). Europa is rock covered by a thick layer of ice, about 60 miles deep.

Galileo couldn't see them with his primitive telescope. 30 are Separate photographs of Jupiter and its four largest moons were put together for this picture. bottom The moon at the right looks larger than Jupiter because the front. It is it is placed in actually much smaller than the planet. Four of these moons are closer to Jupiter than the Galilean moons. The eight other small moons The are farther out. moon farthest is nearly 15 million miles from Jupiter. Most of the moons orbit around Jupiter the way our moon orbits around Earth.

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