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By Alexander Petrovich Potylitsyn (auth.)

ISBN-10: 3642192475

ISBN-13: 9783642192470

Periodic magnetic constructions (undulators) are general in accelerators to generate monochromatic undulator radiation (UR) within the variety from a long way infrared to the challenging X-ray zone. one other periodic crystalline constitution is used to provide quasimonochromatic polarized photon beams through the coherent bremsstrahlung mechanism (CBS). because of such features as monochromaticity, polarization and adjustability, some of these radiation is of enormous curiosity for utilized and uncomplicated study of accelerator-emitted radiation. The e-book presents a close evaluate of the elemental rules in the back of electromagnetic radiation emitted from speeded up charged debris (e.g. UR, CBS, radiation of quickly electrons in Laser flash fields) in addition to a unified description of fairly new radiation mechanisms which attracted nice curiosity lately. This are the so-called polarization radiation considering the Coulomb box of incident debris in periodic buildings, parametric X-rays, resonant transition radiation and the Smith-Purcell impact. features of such radiation assets and views in their utilization are mentioned. the new experimental effects in addition to their interpretation are presented.

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4) it is possible to write the formula: 24 3 Undulator Radiation Fig. 3 Spectrum of UR intensity in plane undulator in dipole approximation À Á dW h x0 c2k n 1 À 2n þ 2n2 ; ¼ 2p aN0 K 2 " dn ð3:3:8Þ which is presented in Fig. 3. e. only a first (fundamental) harmonic exists in a spectrum, what is a consequence of the used approximation. 3 Characteristics of Undulator Radiation in Dipole Approximation 25 Once again we shall note that all obtained results refer to a case of ultrarelativistic electron radiation in the dipole approximation.

1), written down in laboratory system, we will bring expressions for both polarization components of the first harmonic intensity: Á2 dW1;1 e2 c2 ðK 2 =2Þ À 2 2 ¼ 2 2 FN À Á3 1 À c h cos 2u ; 2 dX dx p c 1 þ c2 h dW2;1 e2 c2 ðK 2 =2Þ 4 4 2 ¼ 2 2 FN À Á c h sin 2u: 2 3 dX dx p c 2 1þc h ð3:4:3Þ Here the azimuthal angle u is counted from the plane of oscillations. The first index in the left part of expression corresponds to the linear polarization along vectors e1 ; e2 , whereas the second one—to the number of harmonic.

The integration over a solid angle was carried out practically over a full cone: 0 u 2p; 0 c h 4. 1 Expectedly, in the range n n0 ¼ 2þ0:25 2 ¼ 0:485 polarization becomes ‘‘leftpffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffi circular’’ due to the contribution of radiation at angles c h [ 1 þ K 2 , whereas in more hard part of a spectrum the polarization is ‘‘right-circular’’ one. 38 3 Undulator Radiation Fig. 15 UR spectrum for hard collimation (chc ¼ 0:5) with taking into account the contribution of the first three harmonics In case of hard collimation of UR alongside with improvement of monochromatization it is possible to get a beam, for which the degree of circular polarization will be close to one.

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