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By A. K. Warder

ISBN-10: 0860131971

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Booklet by way of Warder, Anthony Kennedy. Pali textual content Society.

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Download e-book for iPad: Introduction to Pali by A. K. Warder

E-book via Warder, Anthony Kennedy. Pali textual content Society.

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Aside from regional and social variation, Punjabi also exhibits religion-based linguistic differentiations in the employment of script and vocabulary. Hindus and Sikhs Introduction generally use the Gurmukhi script, but these days Hindus have also begun to use the Devanagari script used for Hindi. Moslems tend to write Punjabi in the Perso-Arabic script, which is also employed for Urdu. Moslem speakers borrow a large number of words from Persian and Arabic. , words derived from Sanskrit. Like other Modern Indo-Aryan languages of South Asia, the grammatical tradition of Punjabi is primarily European in origin.

In the following examples, many of the English glosses will, necessarily, be of marginal acceptability, given different constraints on Wh- question formation in Punjabi. adv. this boliaa? prsLadv. this boliaa? ms Lit. ' (50b) Object of a postposition (cf. adv this boliaa? ' The subject of the subordinate clauses undergoes deletion in (5050b) because it is coreferential to the subject of the matrix sentence. Therefore, no example of the subordinate subject undergoing question formation is provided.

Fp seven karaamaataa. fp how many Bhai Vir karaamaataa... 6 dii sattvi'i karaamaaL.. ' kfnnvfl karaamaaL..? pafij guNaa kamm... kinne guNaa kamm...? ' (62) Descriptive adjective kuRii... kiyJB kuRii...? b6t sdNii kuRii... kionii sdNii kuRii...? 6 dii kataab... kif dii kataab...? can gii vaalii kataab... can gii kivii/kii kataab...? raNjiit hii/vii... raNjiit kii/k^Raa/kauN...? Ranjit what/which one/who? The particles and specifiers, which represent a very small class, cannot be questioned. The different question words employed to question quantifiers and intensifiers result from a base question masculine singular form kinnaa.

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