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Pick out Readings deals 3 degrees of high-interest examining passages from real assets.

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New PDF release: Select Readings Pre-Intermediate: Student Book

Choose Readings bargains 3 degrees of high-interest examining passages from actual assets.

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If someone had to wait more than ten minutes for their food, Mrs. Kazi gavethem a free soda. Before long the restaurant was making a profit. A year later Mr. Kazi sold his restaurant for a profit. With the money he earned,he bought three more restaurants that were losing money. Before longll these restaurantswere making aprofit, too. Today Mr. Kazi owns 168restaurarts, but he isn't planning to stop there. He's looking for more poorly managed restaurants to buy. "I love it when I go to buy a restaurant and find it's a mess," Mt.

TetsuyaSaruhashiis fromJapan. 2 . He studied English before he traveled to Canada. 3 . He lived for a year in Canada. 4 . He couldn't understandEnglish speakerswhen they talked to him. 5 . SomeCanadianscouldn't understand Tetsuyawhen he spoke English. t r t r 6 . Tetsuyahad trouble pronouncing words with the "v" sound. n t r 7. When the man at the tourist center couldn't understand him, Tetsuya spokeinJapanese. T 8. Tetsuyaasked the bartender at the night club for money. work with a partner to correctthe falsestatements.

5. The people at the tourist center told me the bus left at nine. but it left at ten. 6. The new owners lot of money. 50 Chapter 5 . Toni,cWater,Please me. I thought I had ten Canadian dollars but I only had nine. 8 . John me. I asked him to buy eight cans of tonic water, but he bought eighteen. I thought it Ieft at three o'clock, but it left at eight o'clock. B. Choosesix words from the reading that you want to remember. Add them to your vocabularylog on page 17| . Focus We use the word andto connect ideas that are similar.

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