We have found that the key to this program’s effectiveness is TRAINING.

This is a new way of doing things. Funeral directors must buy into the concept and embrace the implementation. Partners must decide who will receive The In Loving Memory Box and remain consistent.

We have developed a complete training program for our partners.

We offer training in-person, via skype, or materials supplied to your in house trainer.

Kelly Marshall will personally come and train your staff. This is the most effective way to motivate, energize and encourage effective implementation. We don’t just come and talk about The In Loving Memory Box. We go through the power of connections, brand establishment and creating angelic consumers. Most important- we talk about your existing brand, the role of each of your staff in perpetuating that brand and we engage and excite them to do so.

– We charge for travel and materials when we come for onsite training. That’s it!

– There is no charge for digitally supplying the files to your in house trainer or for skype training with us.