Can you imagine losing your father suddenly while your husband was battling a rare form of brain cancer? Then, 6 months later, your husband loses his heroic fight. You are left to raise and keep the memory of your husband and father alive for your young daughter.

We gave our dear friend a box first for her father, and then for her husband. We presented their family with a powerful way to treasure and reflect back on the memory of her father, and now her husband, for years to come

The In Loving Memory Box was a blessing that is hard to put into words. Our friend is cherishing them to help her family grieve. They hold the memories of both her father and her husband and how they touched so many lives.

They will help her daughter keep the memory of her “Daddy” alive.

We are praying for her and her daughter as they learn to navigate life without her husband’s physical presence. They miss him so much.

I have tears in my eyes writing this testimonial- from both being mournful for their family, but also for being fortunate enough to reconnect with you, Kelly.

It was fate I ran into you again and then discovered what you are doing for others with The In Loving Memory Box.

Thank you so very much!

Sherri Swain and family – CO
Lisa McNearney and Family – MO
Judy and Tom Wind – MO