I recently had the opportunity to implement the “Memory Keeper” in serving the family in the loss of their baby girl.

The Memory Keeper Package: This package includes a memory box with two picture displays, a silver pen & holder, elegant keepsake bag for special items, a candle and a packet of two types of memory cards.

The Delivery: The grandparents of the baby came in the day following our initial meeting to pay for the funeral expenses. The young parents were really struggling with the situation at hand and were not present at this meeting. I introduced the package as a “Gift from our family to theirs”. As I began explaining the contents of the package, the grandparents were immediately overjoyed and began crying saying that ” this was perfect because there were things they didn’t get to tell her before she passed”. I told them to take the memory keeper home so the parents could see it. Later that day the father came back to Lomas just to shake my hand and hug me. He expressed his heart felt gratitudes for giving them something that they could keep that would forever remind them of their precious baby girl. The following day was a viewing time for the family. They brought the Memory Keeper back and we set up a small display in the viewing room so that as people entered the room they could get one of the cards, write something down and place it in the memory box. The family continuously expressed how much they loved it and how grateful they were.

On the day of the memorial service we set everything up as normal but I placed the memory keeper on a pedestal so it could be displayed in the front of the chapel. The family decorated the box with glitter and things that reminded them of her. The family loved it so much that the grandfather mentioned it during his eulogy. He said that they had received a special gift from a new found friend. This felt great.

Synopsis: This idea of the Memory Keeper is simple yet extraordinarily effective when implemented at the right time. It gives the family value because it allows them to have tangible memories of their loved one and they don’t have to pay anything for it. I would definitely recommend this package for our families.