A mother, Joy Ganda Vibar-Alamares, is sitting at the funeral service for her beloved 7 year old son.

His name was Trebby.

She is sitting in the second row, crying, in a room full of people.

Then… a single helium balloon slowly comes free from the bunch tied to the casket.

For a moment it appears aimless, but then it seems to purposefully float toward her.

It hovers around her face and head.

While some may say that the balloon’s movements are just a coincidental occurance due to a loss of helium, the people who witnessed this think differently.

It is Joy’s belief that this was Trebby’s spirit trying to console his mother  one last time.

In Trebby’s In Loving Memory Box, along with his three favorite matchbox cars, 34 photos, invitations to birthday parties, report cards, a spiderman action figure and part of a tattered blanket, you should find a deflated but precious white balloon – forever.
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